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You can support my level design 

Valve Software has added ability to support community map makers such as myself with buying Map Stamps and Filters on Team Fortress 2. You can also buy those through Steam Store without launching the game. You need to be logged in to be able to do this. Just click the links on the right and select the item you wish to purchase. All proceedings from these goes directly to me, without any separate fees. I cannot see who buys these stamps and filters but if you do, i’d like to thank you for doing so.  Thanks!


If you like the stuff I do, you can also directly support me through paypal. Just hit the button right there.


Select either Map Stamp or Filter: Map Stamp for Brimstone map Map Stamp for Hellstone map Weapon Filter for Brimstone map Weapon Filter for Hellstone map Buying a weapon filter also gives you ingame item for Team Fortress 2 game that is Free to Play! You can apply that item ingame to any weapon and it will count statistical information in the map you bought it for.  
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