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Level design

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i’ve been making levels for Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Counter-Strike: Source and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Click the image to see more information about the level. 7 official maps on Team Fortress 2 Seven of the maps i’ve created, have been added as official levels for the game Team Fortress 2 by Valve Software. Hellstone, Brimstone and Gravestone are the trilogy of the “stone maps”. They are Payload gamemode maps with unique features inside. Hellstone was the first one ever Payload map added as Halloween version and the other two were 2nd and 3rd. The sister maps Terror and Erebus have been added into the game as official levels as well. Erebus is the biggest map i’ve ever made and Terror features unique feature of changing payload tracks.

Chilly was added in a Christmas update 2021, to my big surprise. Its always an honor when you see your own work accepted and used in a game. Frostcliff was added in a Christmas update 2022! All these maps are available and come with the base game. Game is free and maps are playable for free. Try it out on Steam - get it from this link. Lots of thanks to Valve for featuring my maps in their game! Its been absolutely pinnacle experience for me after creating maps for over 13+ years!
Hellstone - Official map in Team Fortress 2 (2015)
Brimstone - Official map in Team Fortress 2 (2016)
2008 as_hiekka, Counter-Strike: Source
2008 de_hiekka, Counter-Strike:Source
2008 de_varasto, Counter-Strike: Source
2009 de_tehdas, Counter-Strike:Source
2009 cs_isku, Counter-Strike:Source
2010 de_slummi, Counter-Strike:Source
2010 Millstone, Team Fortress 2
2011 as_isku, Counter-Strike:Source
2011 de_syksy, Counter-Strike:Source
2010-2011 for Left 4 Dead 2 5 map campaign Open Road for Co-op & Versus 1extra map for Survival & Scavenge modes
2013 cs_isku, Counter-Strike:Global Offensive
2014 de_callie, Counter-Strike:Global Offensive
2014 de_region, Counter-Strike:Global Offensive
2010-2020 Millstone, Team Fortress 2
2015 de_vaneri, Counter-Strike:Global Offensive
2016 Moonbase, Team Fortress 2
2012-2016 Fifthcurve, Team Fortress 2
2016 Cabrakan, Team Fortress 2
2017 Rumble, Team Fortress 2
2017 Rumble (Payload), Team Fortress 2
2017 Dark Roads, Team Fortress 2
Gravestone - Official map in Team Fortress 2 (2018)
Design. Create. Release.
2018 Stranded, Team Fortress 2
2019 Midnight, Team Fortress 2
2020 Ambush, Team Fortress 2
Erebus - Official map in Team Fortress 2 (2021)
Terror - Official map in Team Fortress 2 (2021)

My other works:

Chilly - Official map in Team Fortress 2 (2021)