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Resume, portfolio

Tomi Uurainen Self-learned Level Designer / doohickey Teamplayer, coming along with everyone. Easy to approach. Very conscentious. Extremely accurate. Always helpful.   Living in Finland. LinkedIn for more on jobs past and present. Got a job to offer? Contact me. I’m always interested in new opportunities. Contact me! Tools / Software / Learned Hammer level editor (2008-) Photoshop (2001-) WWW/CSS (1998-) PC building, common office programs etc (1998-) Running Finnish online gaming community (2005-2020)
The plan for the future
My goal is to make maps and levels that people can play and enjoy. For now, i’ve concentrated more of a multiplayer design but i’d like to do something more of a story driven too. Everything i do, i do with passion and accuracy. If i see a bug or an issue, i have to fix it. Maybe someday i can do this full time instead of a hobby as it has been since the start. Open for new projects and things.
Design. Create. Release.
Professional Experience Valve Software - 7 official levels for AAA game Team Fortress 2 Hellstone, Brimstone, Gravestone, Erebus, Terror and Chilly (2015-2021). Personal Experience Several other maps, levels, mods, skins over the years since 2005 and counting. See Level Design for more information.