Welcome to the Open Road!

1 way, lots of infected. Damn. I hate infected. I wish Keith would be here. We would have some serious plans to kill those suckers. Good thing we have Nick, Rochelle and that chocolate loving guy with me. We got guns, Chainsaws n' shit. I think we are going to be ok after all! -Ellis

Open Road will be a complete 5 map campaign, having all the classic elements from the game Left 4 Dead 2. It will not be boring. It will not be annoying. It will be fun, interesting and rewarding experience.

The goal was to make this ready in May. Then it was June-July but now we are on August. I'll try to finish this as soon as possible. To keep yourself updated more frequently, join the Steam Group - Open Road or just follow the production notes right here on this website. Thanks for your interest!

Campaign progress: 100% READY

(updated February 14th, 2011)